Two Tons of Steel Vegas

Called Dead Crickets until 1996, this Texas foursome changed their name to reflect lead singer Kevin Geil’s ’56 hardtop Cadillac. And, like Geil’s classic Caddy, Vegas provides some great cruising music. Texas steel guitar Hall of Famer Denny Mathis, who also lends his prowess with the dobro to the disc, joins the group on this record. Vegas features an interesting choice of covers that includes the rare Johnny Rivers’ classic "Secret Agent Man,” and the band’s popular rockabilly take on the Ramones’ fist-pumping anthem "I Wanna Be Sedated.” Another great cover, which the band reinvents with their own flavour, is the summertime song "Ice Cream Man,” while their signature live song and fan favourite "Havana Moon” is also included here. Taking a few pages from Elvis Presley’s songbook and mixing in heavy doses of classic Texas rockabilly and swing bands, Vegas proves Two Tons of Steel are heavy hitters in the rockabilly world. It’s no wonder that these San Antonio boys have been named best country band by the local rag for eight straight years. Rockabilly never sounded so good. (Palo Duro)