Two Ton Boa Serenade for the Crow that Fell

After taking a break to recover from touring the U.S. with L7 and Blonde Redhead, Two Ton Boa vocalist Sherry Fraser has returned with this new seven-inch. Serenade for the Crow that Fell is a hint of what the band is working on completing for their upcoming full-length album. Two Ton Boa have a unique delivery and with the title track, the sounds struggle together to meet somewhere between husky tones and delicately placed hushes. The b-side, "Your Favorite Bloody Patient,” has Fraser droning out a feminist commentary on the media’s attack on the female body. As Fraser’s voice dips down deeply, pulling out images of sliced flesh and plastic body parts, minimal arrangements play on to compliment the dreary atmosphere. With a style that sounds like it came out of a dark corner, Two Ton Boa sound like they’re ready to get back into things. If this is what’s leading up to the full-length, then the future is looking good. (Kill Rock Stars)