The Two Koreas Venture into "Glacial Garage" on Science Island LP

The Two Koreas Venture into "Glacial Garage" on <i>Science Island</i> LP
Toronto, ON rockers the Two Koreas have previously described their sound as "electric jangular beat muzik." If you're a bit confused on what that could mean, don't worry: the five-piece have a new LP on the way and, this time around, they're referring to the music as "glacial garage."

Dubbed Science Island, the album is due out March 1 via Randy Vicar Recordings/Last Gang. And if that "glacial garage" tag is making you scratch your head a bit as well, the press release explains, "Glacial garage is, as its very name attests, garage rock encased in ice: a frozen tableaux of ray-gunned punk and strobe-lit psychedelia, captured in a state of permanent combustion, floating for all eternity."

The album was produced by Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up), with the process leading up to the album being reportedly "a long and arduous one, interrupted by at least one near-death experience."

If you want a preview of the band's new glacial garage sound, go to MySpace to hear four album tracks: "Midnight Brown," "Haunted Beach," "Diamond Geezer" and "Disco-Slave Songs." Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a video for "Midnight Brown."

Science Island:

1. "Scared Straight"

2. "Midnight Brown"

3. "Hotel Christiana"

4. "Haunted Beach"

5. "Diamond Geezer"

6. "Disco Slave Songs"

7. "Withering Heights"

8. "Dinck Helen"

9. "Karl Johans Gate"

10. "Majored in Swimming"