The Flaming Lips "Two Blobs Fucking" (12-part iPhone song)

The Flaming Lips 'Two Blobs Fucking' (12-part iPhone song)
Well, for better or for worse, the Flaming Lips have come through with their Zaireeka-type iPhone song. The 12-part "Two Blobs Fucking" is meant to be played using 12 separate mobile units to make one symphonic piece of music. Trust us, you're going to want to wait until you hook up with some friends to try this instead of listening on your own.

While each part is up on the group's YouTube page, it might be tricky to synch these up perfectly across a dozen tabs on your web browser.

The track pits a plethora of electro squelches atop a driving krautrock rhythm, with a mid-section of twinkling chimes and washes of synthesizers breaking things up nicely before launching back into the groove. It's heady, especially if you're listening to it wrong.