Twiztid Mostasteless

The major label debut by Detroit’s Twiztid is another fantastic release for those fans who miss the glory days of gangsta groups like N.W.A. and Geto Boys. Like their mentors Insane Clown Posse, Monoxide Child and Jamie Madrox are carrying on the tradition of late ‘80s gangsta rap but with their own twisted horrorcore vision. In fact, ICP and Twiztid have more in common with early N.W.A. and Geto Boys than they do with gangsta or horrorcore groups that are currently on the scene. This is due in large part to the 808 drum, cheesy keyboards, and sing-along choruses used by both groups. Anyone that enjoyed the previous few ICP albums will be guaranteed to enjoy this album. Although Twiztid don’t have the Dark Carnival clown angle, they do wear makeup, come from Detroit, and are signed to Psychopathic Records, the label started with Insane Clown Posse’s Carnival Of Carnage. Plus, ICP’s regular producer, Mike E. Clark, has supplied most of the production on Mostasteless, along with help from Twiztid and ICP. And no matter how much you try to separate the two groups, the appearance of ICP’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope on five of the tracks makes it nearly impossible to consider Mostasteless as anything other than an ICP offshoot. With that said, Twiztid’s Mostasteless is a good fun album that ranks among the best ICP releases. Although the best tracks are often the tracks with ICP such as “Spin The Bottle,” “Hound Dogs,” or the fabulously funny freestyle track “$85 Bucks An Hour” where Violent J steals the show. Still, everyone comes off sounding fresh (well, not really fresh but maybe a little off). And, the tracks without ICP are still good, especially “Blink,” “Rock The Dead,” and “Bury Me Alive.” Another success for the cause of the Dark Carnival. (Psychotic)