Twitter Launches #Music Discovery Platform

Twitter Launches #Music Discovery Platform
Last month, rumours began to swirl about an upcoming Twitter Music app. Now, the social media hub has officially unveiled its platform for music discovery. In keeping with Twitter's hashtag-friendly jargon, the app is aptly called #music.

As previously reportedly, #music is geared towards helping users discover new music and follow online trends. It's accessible via or as an iPhone app. Users can browse music suggestions in a variety of categories. These categories are, along with their official descriptions, as follows:

- Popular ("New music trending on Twitter")
- Emerging ("Hidden talent found in the Tweets")
- Suggested ("Artists you might like")
- #NowPlaying ("Tweeted by the people you follow")
- Me ("Artists you follow")

The final three of those categories require a Twitter account to use, while the first two do not. The service corresponds with Spotify and Rdio and allows users of those sites to stream the songs they read about on #music.

As of press time, the top trending tracks are "Gentleman" by Psy, "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink and "Heart Attack" by Demi Lovato. Check out the service right here.