Twist Unveil Debut LP 'Spectral'

Twist Unveil Debut LP 'Spectral'
Laura Hermiston of BB Guns and Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt came together to make music as Twist back in 2013, and the pair are now finally set to release their debut full-length three years on from their formation. Titled Spectral, the record arrives later this summer.

Running 11 tracks in length, Spectral is described as "the culmination of a multi-faceted recording process that has spanned much of the band's existence," beginning in Borcherdt's living room before shifting to studio sessions featuring collaborators and touring members Charles Rowell (Crocodiles), Jenny Vee (Lana Del Rey, Courtney Love) and Hermiston's father.

Sonically, the record is said to split the difference between Hermiston's ear for melody and Borcherdt's experimental tendencies, apparent in new single "Can't Wait," which can be heard below.

"There are almost two years worth of experiences that went into writing Spectral," Hermiston said in a statement. "but ultimately, I think it encapsulates what it's like to be young and experience growing pains. I matured a lot over the course of making this album, and I can hear that reflected in my voice when I compare the oldest to the newest track.

"I feel like I became more aware of what I should be doing with my life and with Twist as the project grew from just me with help from Brian, to having a full band and bringing various collaborators on board, and that's, in part, why I decided to call the album Spectral — it presents a spectrum of personal and musical experience."

Spectral arrives on August 26 through Buzz Records, with pre-orders available here. Read through the record's tracklisting to hear "Can't Wait" and find the band's upcoming live dates below.


1. Pavement
2. Can't Wait
3. Calendar Girls
4. Bleached
5. Soaked
6. Slums and Seaports
7. Keep You Under
8. Albuquerque
9. Sin Monster
10. Too Much Trouble
11. Where to Lie

Tour dates:

08/18 Ottawa, ON - Arboretum Festival
08/20 Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium
08/21 NYC, NY - Mercury Lounge
08/24 Cincinnati, OH - NSYC
09/08 Calgary, AB - Broken City
09/12 Chicago, IL - Subterranean