Twin Shadow "The One" / "Locked and Loaded" / "To the Top" (live-in-studio)

Twin Shadow 'The One' / 'Locked and Loaded' / 'To the Top' (live-in-studio)
Twin Shadow is fresh off his UNDER THE CVRS series, and now the moustachioed new wave crooner known as George Lewis Jr. is looking ahead to his new album. Having recently unveiled a single and having booked a fall tour, he's now shared another track called "Locked and Loaded."

Lewis performed the tune in acoustic form on Comedy Bang! Bang!'s podcast. In this live-in-studio format, the song is a slow and steamily seductive serenade.

Presumably the album cut will be more lushly produced than this. Lewis also performs his recent single "To the Top," and unlike the '80s-tinged melodrama of the studio version, it's another passionate acoustic ballad.

Hear the podcast below. Twin Shadow is interviewed throughout the show; he performs the Confess track "The One" at 0:30:34, "Locked and Loaded" at 1:02:04 and "To the Top" at 1:36:38.

In addition to playing music, Lewis reveals that his new album is due out in October.