Twin Shadow 'Night Rally' (mixtape)

Twin Shadow 'Night Rally' (mixtape)
Twin Shadow (a.k.a. George Lewis Jr.) took some of his recovery time following a recent bus crash to dig through his project's past. Now, he's collected a trove of unreleased gems and sent it out to fans as the Night Rally mixtape.

Lewis explained that the collection comprises various recordings made between 2010 and 2014, and notes that he's surprised certain tracks never made it past the demos stage.

It's a 19-song outing of unreleased material and alternate takes that can be downloaded for free over here, but limited quantities will be available on Twin Shadow's upcoming leg of rescheduled shows.

You'll find Lewis' statement in full down below.

"After our April 17th bus accident the Twin Shadow family returned to their separate homes off the road. It was a painful experience that left us all feeling raw and exposed. While spending time healing and resting in my apartment in LA I started to sift through old hard drives. I found all these ideas I had nearly forgotten, most of them more realized than I remembered.

The more I dug the more I realized how much music was made in the last five years. Being home I had the time and perspective to enjoy all the little impulses, embarrassing choices, and exciting moments that I couldn't bottle. There were also some songs that I couldn't understand why I never finished. After listening back several times, I decided to make a small collection of the songs that stuck out. The mixtape consists of recordings from 2010 to 2014.

So here it is, a glimpse into five years of late nights, mornings after no sleep, the bad decisions, the good ones, the sobering solitude, the mistakes, the ideas lost, and the singing out of key… True demos. The mixtape is now free to download from the WeTransfer Night Rally wallpaper, and an actual cassette tape will be available to purchase only at the merch table of the Night Rally Tour shows. Thanks to everyone who showed support during this hard time. See you at the Night Rally."