Twin River "Can't Keep This Alive" (video)

Twin River 'Can't Keep This Alive' (video)
Folksy Vancouver band Twin River released their Rough Gold EP earlier this year before signing with Light Organ Records. Now, the group are continuing to promote their debut with a video for the opening track "Can't Keep This Alive."

The clip accompanying this twangy folk number shows the band heading out on a backwoods hike with some friends before plugging in some lamps and setting up camp by a lake. Naturally, they bring some instruments along with them and have a campfire singalong that befits the tune's rustic mood. Lest the whole thing seem too serene, however, a guitar ends up getting set on fire and smashed.

The band's Courtney Ewan provided the following statement explaining how the video came together:

We ended up shooting this video at a place called Devil's Lake, in Mission, BC, with director Wayne Morhart. The original plan was to film in Squamish; drive up on the Saturday, set up, shoot, and camp over night. We had just loaded everything into the cars when we got a call from Malcolm's brother saying that the Sea to Sky was closed — no traffic was getting through at all. Since it was the last chance we had to film before Andy left for tour with Yukon Blonde, we spent the next hour sitting in the parking lot at our jam space, franticly brainstorming another location. We eventually got a foggy tip from a friend passing — Devil's Lake. None of us had ever even heard of this place, but we figured there was nothing to lose, so we loaded back into the cars, and headed to the unknown, (and ominously-named) Devil's Lake.

It turned out to be the perfect place to shoot. We got there at nearly 5 p.m., and knowing there was only limited daylight left, we all scrambled down the steep hill to the beach. (It took about 5 minutes to get from the road to the water — we each did this trip about 10 times before we had all the gear on the beach. Special thanks to Mark and Pete who managed to carry a keg all the way down to the beach!)

We set up with no real plan in mind; everything happened really organically. The scene in the water, the frog, burning the guitar — everything was done on a whim under Wayne's direction. It wasn't long before we all forgot we were shooting a video and it just became the camping trip to end the summer, and a way of saying farewell to Andy and the Yukon Blonde guys.

We had put together a pretty last minute group of campers; friends, neighbours, brothers, and Graham and Brandon from Yukon Blonde.

Neat fact — the guitar we burnt belonged to Ryan Peters of Ladyhawk, with his permission (and yes, full disclosure was given that it would likely not return from the trip) we rescued it from beside a dumpster and took it with us.

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