Twin Library The Abandoned Reel

Twin LibraryThe Abandoned Reel
Luckily, Twin Library have a penchant for creating minimally recorded, hastily released indie rock. The fact that the band have put out a whopping eight albums (with the first four recorded as the Public Library) since 2008 has allowed these Edmontonians to properly find their identity and sharpen their craft. The all-in method of lo-fi recording, often employed by Guided by Voices, Jim Guthrie and Eric's Trip, has benefitted Twin Library's latest, The Abandoned Reel, vastly. Over 14 intimate and sombre recordings, tracks like fuzzed-out strummer "The Dark Ships" and the haunted, 4AD-like "A Country Heart" feel organic and sincere despite the obvious genre nods. As the brittle melody and chorus-aided violin of "Snow" clashes with the too-high-in-the-mix tambourine of "It Means So Little to Me," it's the mood of The Abandoned Reel that allows such clangers to come off as character builders. On their eighth try, Twin Library have managed to deliver a uniform feel, floating like a butterfly, stinging like a butterfly. (Independent)