Twin Atlas Sun Township

Having released an album a year since 2000, Philadelphia’s the Twin Atlas seem to be as prolific as their obvious ancestors, The Byrds, were at the outset of their career. Even though Sun Township clocks in at just under 30 minutes, not a second is wasted by songwriting duo Sean Byrne and Lucas Zaleski, as the album’s ten folk pop gems flow like the sunrise pictures that adorn the cover art. Like their hometown compatriots Denison Witmer and the River Bends, the Twin Atlas skirt the edges of melancholia, but their nods to psychedelia keep things in a sun-kissed mood overall. At times there’s a desire to get Byrne and Zaleski to snap out of their bliss and take things in a darker direction, but then another irresistible ode to meaningless joy begins. While the Twin Atlas may not possess the depth of some of their peers, Sun Township may be the album that will get us through the coming winter. (Independent)