Thurston Moore-equipped Twilight Detail Final Album, Premiere New Track

Thurston Moore-equipped Twilight Detail Final Album, Premiere New Track
Black metal supergroup Twilight announced last fall that they were going their separate ways, but not before releasing their third full-length effort. The end is near, though, as the band now report that III: Beneath Trident's Tomb officially arrives in March.

A press release notes that Century Media will have the LP in retailers on March 18. The six-song set follows 2010's Monument to Time End and is described as a "more experimental album than its predecessors" and a "dark, uncomfortable listen."

To hear for yourself, you can check out the ominously plodding, feedback-riddled "Lungs" in the player down below.

The album was put together by Krieg's N. Imperial, Sonic Youth/Chelsea Light Moving leader Thurston Moore, Correction House's Sanford Parker, Leviathan's Wrest (a.k.a. Jef Whitehead) and guitarist Stavros Giannopoulos. While Nachtmystium's Blake Judd had appeared on both of Twilight's previous albums, he apparently did not participate on III: Beneath Trident's Tomb. The band have also featured at various times members of Isis and Xasthur.

Back in the fall, Twilight reported over Facebook that "Other members will be working with each other for various projects and collaborations but not under the Twilight name." Judd and Wrest are currently performing together in Hate Meditation.

III: Beneath Trident's Tomb:

1. Lungs
2. Oh Wretched Son
3. Swarming Funereal Mass
4. Seek No Shelter Fevered Ones
5. A Flood of Eyes
6. Below Lights