Tweedy "Fake Fur Coat"

Tweedy 'Fake Fur Coat'
The Tweedy tracks just keep coming ahead of the family band's debut LP Sukierae, with the latest teaser from Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer being the rootsy stunner "Fake Fur Coat."

To be fair, this one sounds like a Jeff special, showcasing but the hearty, detuned strums of an acoustic guitar and the paternal member's familiar pipes as he discusses the gifts of a distant sun and canyons full of bones. A few other things we learn are that there's apparently "beauty in bubblegum," while Tweedy also hints at his work ethic with a line about rolling up your sleeves. It's a dense and visual set of lyrics, and you can soak up all the imagery down below.

Tweedy, the band, issue their Sukierae September 16 through dBpm Records.