T.W. Walsh How We Spend Our Days

There’s one thing to notice when T.W. Walsh sings his way into your heart with voice-cracking earnestness on the poignant “Drunk and Poor” — his vocal resemblance to early ‘70s Neil Young. Having formerly recorded as Dirtbike, and worked as a drummer in various Boston bands, Walsh here comes to terms with his drummer destiny, picks up an acoustic guitar and becomes a singer-songwriter. Walsh, in these recordings collected from his four- and eight-track efforts of the last couple of years, reveals a wonderfully funny turn of lyrical phrase and a remarkable melodic sense that adds to the intimacy of these lo-fi recordings. Voice isn’t the only thing he shares with Canada’s favourite rock son, either — the wit of his pen and the charm of his instrumental choices demonstrate that, like Young, T.W. Walsh can take on anything he tries his hand at. How We Spend Our Days sounds like the beginning of a long and fruitful musical friendship. (Made In Mexico)