TV Resistori Serkut Rakastaa Paremmin

It’s hard to say whether the album title Cousins Love Better is meant literally or lost in translation but either way TV Resistori’s Finnish electro pop is ambiguous enough without it. Toytown melodies, Sega Master System synthesisers and folksy "oom-pah” beats join forces to create light and bouncy ballads. Although most of the tracks are formulaic and pretty basic they work better than those that diverge from the theme such as "Kontraposto” or "Sheikki Sheikki,” which come through as a mess of wailing and electro despite obvious good intentions. The back and forth male/female duets between Yrjö and Päivi are easily the forte for the group and the language is surprisingly romantic when sung given how harsh it appears to read. It’s hard to envision a target audience but fans of Air or Mouse On Mars might take a listen. (Stand Up/Green Light)