TV on the Radio New Health Rock

There’s no doubt Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio are one of 2004’s most celebrated bands. With their debut album making them instant underground stars, it’s a wonder they found time to record and release this EP. Featuring two new tracks and one from the album, New Health Rock is a nice, unexpected treat for fans. The title track is a blistering example of how the band’s already inventive sound evolves by the minute. Speeding up the tempo considerably, the vocal team of Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone chaotically shout for listeners to "shake it like you have to,” displaying a possible dance floor direction for the future. Their cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ "Modern Romance” is an obvious testament of gratitude towards their friends/collaborators. The rendition keeps the mood right, presenting a hushed, passive drone, but again, it shows another side to this band, leaning more towards something you’d hear on a Warp Records compilation. Why TVOTR sandwiched "The Wrong Way” in between the two new tracks is beyond me, but with or without it, this is magnificent stuff. (Touch and Go)