TV on the Radio

Ambassador Stage, Las Vegas NV, October 25

TV on the RadioAmbassador Stage, Las Vegas NV, October 25
Photo: Juco
The mild-mannered nature of the band's members makes it easy to forget what a formidable force TV on the Radio are onstage. A summer spent on the road kept the group — now bi-coastal-based — honed as they ready the release of their new album, Seeds, next month. Yet they reached all the way back to their debut EP to kick things off, opening with "Young Liars."

Lead singer Tunde Adebimpe flitted about the stage as his bandmates built the song into a climax. Guitarist Kyp Malone took a turn at the mic for "Golden Age," while Adebimpe turned up the energy with "Dancing Choose."

Many new songs made their way into the set. They played lead single "Happy Idiot" and "Careful You," proving that the band can continue to pen soulful tunes while simultaneously discovering a newfound knack for writing anthems.
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