Tussle Kling Klang

While a lot of the recent disco-post-punk acts have consciously set out to make their music dance floor-friendly for clubs, that hasn’t been their number one priority. While most bands like to rock out with guitars and drop cool catch phrases, for San Francisco’s Tussle, getting people moving is the only thing that matters. In fact, the quartet are so focused on getting their groove on that they’ve left out the punk and vocals entirely to boost the danceability of their music. That said, they really shape their sound into something much more stripped down and groove-based, much like a Chic instrumental, without Nile Rodgers’ slick production. They are heavily into experimenting with this minimal sound though, subtly adding dub influences into the mix to avoid spreading their sound too thin. The music isn’t always cut out for the dance floor though. "Moon Tempo” kind of wanders into a zone where the rhythm becomes a little off-kilter and complex, fashioning itself for more of a doozy, head nodding vibe instead of a full body wiggle. The album ends on a real high note though with "Tight Jeans,” a tune that builds and builds the rhythm until it all ends in a haze of feedback-drenched motorik beats. Kling Klang is definitely for those looking to add a bit of stylish zing to their parties. (Troubleman)