Nonstop Feeling

TurnstileNonstop Feeling
Whether you consider them hardcore's answer to the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Rage Against the Machine, a more straightforward Helmet or Crown of Thornz-lite, Turnstile's groovy approach has certainly come as a shock to a scene so indebted to straight bludgeoning. That's not to say that there aren't heavy parts on Nonstop Feeling: "Drop" fills that need, while the full-speed ahead of "Addicted" is hard to deny. Apart from these concentrated doses, though, similar moments are fleeting, intersected by weird alt-rock parts, lazy singing, pseudo-rapping or bizarre samples.
The most off-putting part of the LP is either "Blue By You," on which the band overdose on Jane's Addiction, but the fact that it's a full LP in the first place is jarring; this is the kind of band that flourished in the shorter confines of an EP, with two previous shorter releases surpassing this longer one. As the band got away with more out there elements with each passing record, they continued to push that part, which really wears the sound thin when stretched to a full-length.
Nonstop Feeling isn't totally awful, but it's next to impossible to be into it from start to finish. Hopefully, they'll hone their sound and focus next time. (Reaper)
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