Turkish Metalhead Ignites Twitter Chaos by Tweeting "Accept pwnz"

Turkish Metalhead Ignites Twitter Chaos by Tweeting "Accept pwnz"
If you logged onto Twitter yesterday (May 10), you may have noticed your followers/following counters had been reset to zero. You weren't the only one: the glitch caused a temporary uproar in the Twitterverse, as "Following 0" quickly became a trending topic.

The reason for this was the discovery of a bug that allowed Twitter users to force others to join their list of followers.

The source of this revelation? According to Gizmodo [via Billboard], it was Bora Kırca, a fan of the long-running German heavy metal band Accept. The metalhead's attempt to post the message, "Accept pwnz" (roughly translating as "Accept rules"). Rather than seeing his new tweet, however, Kırca discovered that the user pwnz had now been added to his list of followers.

The news of the bug soon spread, and quickly countless Twitter users were using the glitch to add followers. Want Ashton Kutcher to start following you? Just tweet the message "Accept aplusk" ("accept" plus Kutcher's Twitter username).

The glitch has now been fixed and users' followers/following counters have been restored to their correct amounts. According to the latest Twitter status update, "If you are still seeing folks you are following who you didn't choose to follow, please use the block or unfollow tools to remedy."

Bora Kırca's account has been suspended.


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