Turing Machine A New Machine For Living

In keeping with their instinctive need to crank out edgy rock noise, former Pitchblende alumni Justin Chearno and Scott DeSimon stay true to form on this debut from their new instrumental project. With drum basher Gerry Fuchs dragged in to help on their mission of chaos, the trio have created a spaced-out soundtrack for a movie that could never be made — think of them as Tangerine Dream for the punk rock set. While the band's ability to keep things relatively short and simple is displayed on tracks like "The Doodler" and "On Form and Growth," their true intentions to wear down the weak and feeble are more evident on hypnotic eight to ten-minute testers like "Robotronic," "(Got My) Rock Pants On” and "Swiss Grid." Fans of Sonic Youth and the more experimental side of Fugazi will be most interested in this. (Jade Tree)