Little Burgundy, Montreal QC, September 18

TrustLittle Burgundy, Montreal QC, September 18
Photo: Steve Louie
The sweet sounds of Madonna were slowly washed out by big drones, as Trust slowly walked out from the darkness, creating a frenzy when the lush, sustained synth intro of "Sulk" shrilled through the speakers and had everyone jumping uncontrollably and singing along. The crowd glowed with excitement and never stopped dancing as each cut from Joyland found them getting rowdier and more aggressive, giving frontman Robert Alfons the motivation needed to keep the late night party going strong.

A quick thanks to Mozart's Sister led to the band giving everyone another taste of "Bulbform" (the opening act covered the song earlier), a crowd pleasure that sparked big ovation, but also blew the speakers on the second go 'round. The ten minutes of silence became a forgotten memory once the sound was fixed and Trust continued their set, turning things up even louder, and ending with a killer encore. While sound hiccups can be hard for some acts, Alfons showed his fans last night that nothing can stop a Trust show, not even a little blown out speaker.
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