Trummerflora No Stars Please

The Trummerflora Collective is a group of seven avant-garde jazz musicians and an assortment of guests. This double disc, (consisting of improvs recorded live near the end of 2000) tests the listener's cognitive abilities to lock onto something familiar. Highlighted by visionaries like Hans Fjellestad, Robert Montoya and Damon Holzborn, one can be assured that plenty of scary electronics, woodwinds of agony and pinpricking percussion creates a joyous, dreamy, nightmare feel. Only bits and pieces are captured and processed by the listener - much in the same manner as how one would hear a song completely different by being at a far distance from the speakers due to hearing only certain frequencies that are filtered through a wall. And with the sparring and ebbing between minimalism and saturation, along with the lengthy nature of the tracks, there is plenty of space-time to get lost deep within this abstract garden of sound. (Accretions)