True North We Speak In Code

In much the same way as label-mates Burnman, True North aspire to be so much more than just another emo/punk/rock band and do so by exploring the discordant realm of avant noise rock, all while still retaining an air of accessibility. While more linear than Burnman, True North incorporates many similar characteristics: jagged, jangle-y guitar scrapes, sporadic tempo shifts, stop-start rhythms, angular and clashing riffs, ebbs and flows in the dynamic, and scream-sung vocals. Emotionally, We Speak In Code also possesses a frantic air of desperation and panic that seems to cling to each of these 11 songs, driving them to further levels of chaos and confusion. However, while True North is not afraid to take musical chances, venturing off into potentially audience losing tangents, at times, each of their songs are anchored by either a strong bass line, a catchy chorus or guitar line, or a solid beat, which serves to temper the inherent chaos True North are always on the verge of unleashing. Still, when True North combine all their eccentricities and sensibilities, as they do on "Rocknroll," "Breaking Keys" or "Part Deux," into a cohesive whole, they can be just as catchy as any current "punk-rock" hope/hype, and infinitely more engaging. (No Idea)