Truby Trio Retreated

Remix wizards, Truby Trio, return with their fourth release, another collection of reworked and remixed tracks from all over the electronic world. Collecting beats from known and lesser-known artists like Whignomy Brothers, Louie Vega, Nickodemus, Una Bombers and Señor Coconut, Retreated treats listeners to a collection of mostly boogie tech-house and disco rhythms. Unlike their earlier works, which had them spanning the globe for a variety of out there beats and rhythms, this sticks to familiar territory and only reaches out to the global community on tracks like Señor Coconut’s "Jaleo” and Louie Vega’s mix of "Alegre 2004.” For a double-disc of remixes from one of electronica’s better known names, Retreated doesn’t come off as fresh or complex as Truby Trio would have liked. (Compost)