Trost Trust Me

Formerly of the sampler-driven electro punk duo Cobra Killer, Annika Line Trost brings her electro pop vocals and punchy but light-footed rhythms to her second solo album, Trust Me. David Lynch-esque in its twisted quirk and lyrical manic despair, the album unfolds like a late night neo-punk torch song session. Taking a cue from Tom Waits and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in tone and delivery, from the neo-cabaret number "The Scale and The Score,” to the disjointed nonchalant tirade of "I Was Wrong” and the admirably sparse ballad "Black,” Trost’s simplistic words reveal snapshot stories. Just as scene setting musically, Trust Me is enriched by a bevy of musical guests from guitarist Tom Carlyon to vibraphone playing Thomas Wydler and banjo plucking, trombone touting, co-producer Adam-Eve. The instruments, however, only flavour the mood. Trust Me’s real strength lies in Trost’s nonchalant vocals and sure-footed drums, the latter provided by both Wydler and Trost herself. (Four Music)