Tron: Legacy Director Talks Daft Punk Blurring "the Line Between Sound Design and Music"

<i>Tron: Legacy</i> Director Talks Daft Punk Blurring "the Line Between Sound Design and Music"
As music fans, we will tell you over and over how integral the score is to a film's effectiveness at conveying emotional messages. Still, it's not always the case; sometimes the score is an afterthought, a superfluous addition to a film to add pizazz. According to Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, Daft Punk's role in his film is very much a critical one.

As Digital Spy points out, Kosinski recently told journalists at the San Diego Comic-Con that the French electronic duo were "integral" to the making of his upcoming blockbuster, explaining that he didn't just add their music in after filming to enhance the mood, but he actually played it while shooting.

"Because we started so early I was able to play tracks on set to get actors in the mood," he said. "I think that the picture and the music are so integral to each other. It's really exciting to see."

He also gushed about an alleged new sound the duo created for the film. "I've been working with Daft Punk for almost three years on this film. It's a new direction for them, it's a combination of orchestral, electronic and granulate sound. It blurs the line between sound design and music."

Tron: Legacy will hit theatres on December 17. Daft Punk's soundtrack is tentatively set for a November 23 release date, but as we previously pointed out, you can hear snippets of some of the tracks now by clicking here.