Tristeza A Colores

While the press states A Colores to mean "in colours,” sheer curiosity led to finding what other translations may hold. The best seemed to be the Portuguese to English, which took the Spanish saying and deemed it to be "you colour it.” Both translations hold water with this set of instrumentals awash with electronic highlights, as not only are these warm pieces reflective of colour, but they leave enough open spaces to allow the listener to fill the gaps with their own perspective, or shadings. "Abrazo Distante” is a short and sweet number that works great with its descending electronic tones, while "Wand” jitters just a bit to create enough tension to drive the music, but the mixture of slight feedback, saxophone and electronics make for one of the more complex pieces. The problem with A Colores is that, while uniformly excellent, there’s almost too much of a good thing. Songs come and go without much of an imprint, and while this may be due to an adherence to subtlety, a brazen mixture of colours could make a more effective statement. Tristeza have a perfect, accomplished album to wrap yourself in, but, beware: you may drift off to sleep earlier than expected. (Kill Devil Hills)