Tristan Prettyman Twentythree

Trying to split your time between modelling, surfing and songwriting doesn’t immediately sound like the kind of hard life that inspires heart-wrenching, weight of the world songs, but if you like your pop to be light and breezy then Tristan Prettyman’s Californian lifestyle should work out just fine. That doesn’t mean that Prettyman is just another musician coasting along on a music scene with no discernable talent. Instead, she is slowly emerging from a local scene thanks to the mentorship of Jack Johnson and with some help from boyfriend Jason Mraz, and her first album is causing, pun intended, waves. Twentythree is exactly the kind of debut album that a seemingly talented singer-songwriter should be making. It doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, yet it gives Prettyman the chance to shine in an overcrowded genre that is hard to stand out in. Her obvious love of Ani DiFranco has had a huge influence on her writing and style but her real asset is her voice that is reminiscent of Rickie Lee Jones. That helps make even the drearier songs interesting by giving them a laidback, jazzy vibe that doesn’t feel contrived. Her best work lies ahead of her, but that won’t stop people who like this kind of thing liking this a lot. (Virgin)