Triosk Headlight serenade

Triosk have taken great liberties with the piano trio format of jazz, akin to a more electronically oriented Bad Plus, without the BP’s dissonant edge. Triosk takes off from Bill Evans’s trio work, which allows for abstraction from each member of the band but maintains a highly composed, disciplined approach. Often the rhythm generation does not come from the bass and drums, but from the piano. For instance, a frequent compositional device is quick arpeggiated piano augmented by a melody pounded out on bass and drums. Other tracks will have one repeating sample acting both as a drone and rhythmic figure with all instruments reacting freely on top. It seems their previous collaboration with Jan Jelinek has pushed them to further integrate electronic intrusions into their method. The freedom in each piece never seems too self-conscious, the late-night thunderstorm atmosphere that pervades the music subordinates any showiness in the technique to overall feel. Eric Satie would be proud. (Leaf)