Triodes Chunked

Triodes are led by guitarist Michael Occhipinti and keyboardist Paul Neufeld, co-founders of acclaimed Juno-winning "jazz orchestra" NOJO. That group's approach was often cerebral, but here the pair bring the funk. Chunked is their spirited instrumental take on classic r&b and funk styles, and the results are impressively invigorating. One clear inspiration are the Meters, and two of their tunes ("Chicken Strut" and "Funky Miracle") are covered. Reggae classic "The Israelites" and Burning Spear's "Black Disciples" are also given breezy remakes, as is Duke Ellington's "Blue Pepper," an album highlight featuring a guest rap from Phatt Al. Between them, Occhipinti and Neufeld contribute five originals that fit in seamlessly. Bassist Roberto Occhipinti also produced the disc, while Dave Matthews Band saxophonist Jeff Coffin makes some potent contributions. This is a fun, funky treat. (Independent)