Trick Daddy Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets

The music on Thug Matrimony is powerful and lets you into the different facets of Trick Daddy’s environment. Every emotion, from longing for a better life, to lust, paranoia and Black southern pride, is tied into this album. The first single "Let’s Go,” featuring Lil Jon, may be the rap heavy-metal crunk anthem of the century, but it’s hardly an indication of what Trick Daddy, now a hip-hop pioneer in his own right, has to offer. Rap is business and "Let’s Go” pushed Trick’s new album onto the charts. The real gems though are in the meat of the album where his music proves that Trick not only loves the kids, he loves the people. The production and Trick’s vocals are a sweet combination that makes the album strong throughout. The different instrumental patterns, which are consistently soulful, give Trick Daddy a thick platform to express himself on. His expressive quality comes out all over this album, where everything he spits is naked and revealing. He teams up with Cee-Lo again on "Sugar,” which is a joy to sing along to, just as much as it is to dance or Freak-a-leek to. His children’s songs (that’s right, songs for children) are shockingly beautiful and pure. This is Trick Daddy we’re talking about, and that’s why "I Just Want to Sing,” "These are the Days” and "The Children’s Song” are so dope. Forget platinum, Trick Daddy has heart, and the balls to express himself on wax. (Atlantic)