Tribulation The Horror

TribulationThe Horror
The trend among young acts and metal god worship nowadays seems to be leaning towards a revival of the old school thrash sound. As bands that are barely in their 20s, such as Warbringer and Evile, fly the flag for thrash metal, the young Swedish band Tribulation have an entirely different but obvious set of influences. Their debut record, The Horror, is about as close to early Morbid Angel as you can get. The filthy sound, frequent solos and snarling vocals sound almost directly captured from Alters of Madness, and any fan of this style of death metal will know that's never a bad thing. In fact, this record will likely be enjoyable for death metal fans both young and old. Tribulation deserve kudos for pointing out that in the '80s in America there was an entirely different, and just as influential, metal scene that bubbled on the other coast of the country. Sure, The Horror might be called Morbid Angel worship but like the new thrash bands that are popping up, these guys hold the torch high and should be proud of themselves. (Pulverised)