Tribes of Neurot 60-Degrees

Stemming from compilation tracks, rare vinyl releases and previously unreleased material, 60-Degrees is a collection of some of the most internally penetrating clouds of experimental atmospheres, ambience and tribal darkness. Equal in stature to Throbbing Gristle or Pole, the effect they have on the mind is enough that one might want to look cautiously over their shoulders as the disc billows from the speakers, just for safe measure. Surprisingly in fact, Tribes of Neurot also has another equally cerebral aural conduit — the heavy rock outfit known as Neurosis. Both draw from an intense power that comes from the same place. Member Steve Von Till explains, "We have two very distinct personalities developed over time, yet [they] are always relating back to Neurosis, because it's the same spirit. We have come together to make this music, to be the mediums for this music and it has become this thing that it is just so physical and mind-warping; when we're doing it, it is really just insane." Tribes of Neurot, whose output far exceeds that of their rock alter-ego, surpasses the tightening boundaries of expectation that yearns for a coexistence with the process of light passing through celluloid. "Of course," agrees Von Till, "if we ever had any chance to do some kind of scoring for film or anything like that, we'd love to. We see so much visual stuff in our music that it just seems like somebody would have to put it to use; the fact that we do everything from an acoustic ballad to some insanely psychotic moment to just the general texture and incidental atmospheres." As this open-ended method of sonic expression, which challenges the mind that scatters in cognisance mode, Tribes of Neurot will always have something to offer with each listen, even enough to deceive its own creators. Von Till muses, "I can't listen to our rock records very much, because it just seems, well, why the hell do we want to listen to our own music? Since Tribes of Neurot is so improvised and unstructured, I can actually listen to it. Sometimes, someone can be playing it and I won't even know that it's us!" Tribes of Neurot they are, proof that sporting multiple personalities can have its benefits, as no one is left in the dark. (Neurot)