A Tribe Called Red Release Surprise Wrestling-Themed EP

A Tribe Called Red Release Surprise Wrestling-Themed EP
Much like Mountain Goats and their recent album Beat the Champ, A Tribe Called Red have rolled out a wrestling-themed collection. This surprise EP is called Suplex, and it's out today (May 19) on Pirates Blend.

The EP features four tracks, including two versions of the cut "Bodyslam" (one of them remixed by Smalltown DJs). The song "The People's Champ" is named after wrestler-turned-actor the Rock.

A Tribe Called Red's Bear Witness said in a statement:

Growing up in a world where indigenous people are so under-represented in the media, you tend to identify with what's available to you. The connection between the indigenous communities of the Americas, and professional wrestling, is really heavy. In North America we had pros like Chief Jay Youngblood and Wahoo McDaniel who were indigenous, but had to dress in headdress and tassels to compete. In my generation, we all loved the Ultimate Warrior and hated Tatanka. Even if nothing about the Warrior was indigenous, we made some kind of cultural connection to him. More recently, The Rock has shown us how a proud indigenous man can make it as a wrestler on his own terms. The idea of the video was to show that connection we made to these people beyond stereotypes, but also to see an indigenous character make it, without needing the stereotype.

Scroll past the tracklist below to watch a wrestling-themed video for the thumping title track. The clip was directed by Jon Riera. Additionally, the whole EP can be streamed below on Spotify.


1. Suplex (ft. Northern Voice)
2. The People's Champ (ft. Hell'n'Back)
3. Bodyslam
4. Bodyslam (Smalltown DJs remix)