Triac Always Meant to Hurt You

Triac are the latest gem to come from A389's increasingly perfect line-up of bands. With four short tracks, Always Meant to Hurt You creates a napalm-grade sonic assault on the senses. The band's approach to music is what you might call "scorched earth policy": each song crams as much explosive energy as possible into under two minutes, laying waste to all of metal's traditional sonic signposts before moving on to the next track. At certain points, the band's grindcore sound, dissonant screams and unhinged, frantic riffs bring to mind Today is the Day's finest moments ― no small feat. While the songs are fast and brutal, they're also catchy, keeping enough rhythm that each song is distinguishable from the next, something many extreme metal or hardcore bands have trouble achieving. With three quarters of this release consisting of songs that are a minute-and-a-half or less, these tracks create just enough noise to leave you wanting more. (A389)