Trevor Horn to Give US A Concept Album

Trevor Horn to Give US A Concept Album
If you've been itching for a bit of musical excess these days, UK super-producer Trevor Horn may be cooking up just the thing you need. Apparently, this former Buggle/Art of Noise leader is pairing up with pop eccentric Lol Creme (of Godley & Creme) for quite the massive concept album, which, of all things, will revolve around the fictional life story of a man born on the same day as the first moon landing.

According to Fact Magazine, Horn and Creme have traded the band name the Producers for US, and given this seemingly over-the-top debut full-length the title The Path of Sydney Arthur. On the record, there are also some contributions by UK singer-songwriter Chris Braide, producer Steve Lipson (Grace Jones, Pet Shop Boys) and drummer Ash Sloan.

There's no word of a release date yet but US have put out a new teaser video (see below) and provided this accompanying note:

"I felt compelled to write this because of the lack of understanding I see on this subject. The science community still does not understand time. In watching the Discovery channel, it is ultimately frustrating to see genius scientists that are unable to unravel the mysteries of time, the universe, and matter because the basis of the experiments begin from a false premise. An example of this is the cosmologists that believe there had to be an origin of the universe. Because of their own delusion of time, they are unable to understand that there may not have ever been a beginning. They cannot see this timeless moment so they believe there is a beginning and end. So, from my own frustrations, I'll go on to explain this thing we call Time."

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