Trent Reznor Possibly at Work on Year Zero TV Show

Trent Reznor Possibly at Work on <i>Year Zero</i> TV Show
Nine Inch Nails front-man Trent Reznor has gained quite a few headlines in recent months, from pulling a Radiohead with his latest album The Slip to the previously reported rumours of his 2007 album Year Zero being developed into a television series.

Already a successful alternative reality game, the prospect of turning Year Zero into a television show is an excellent idea. The rumours, it seems, are one step closer to becoming true, as Reznor recently told the L.A. Times, "I just pitched it to HBO two weeks ago in L.A. It went great. Ideally, we're trying to get them to do a two-year limited series. I prefer that over a film. We would have a second ARG [alternative reality game] tying into the second album and ties into the series and they all happen together with a budget needed to pull that all off. There would be a tour down the road. The record completes the story, the ending that no one knows. I know what happens. I knew when I started it. And it's not what people think."

Whether or not the show gets past the pitching stage we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s very likely that Reznor will have some more surprises up his sleeve in the coming months.

Trent Reznor discussing Year Zero