​Trent Reznor Is Still Teasing New Nine Inch Nails Music for 2016

​Trent Reznor Is Still Teasing New Nine Inch Nails Music for 2016
Trent Reznor recently unveiled plans for another team-up with Atticus Ross to score Patriots Day, an upcoming film about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. But that hasn't stopped him from teasing fans once again with the promise of new Nine Inch Nails material before the end of this year.
Late last year, Reznor announced that the band would be releasing new material in 2016, but when rumours of new single titled "Dive and Slam" started circulating this summer, Reznor was quick to shoot them down.
Now, anticipation is ramping up once again thanks to an Instagram comment from the NIN frontman. Yesterday (October 5), Reznor shared a photo of himself, Ross and their Before the Flood director Fisher Stevens, and after numerous fans left comments demanding new Nine Inch Nails music, Reznor simply responded: "2016 is not over yet."

Before the Flood crew.

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Impatient fans can't have too much longer to wait, though any actual details about forthcoming Nine Inch Nails projects remain as vague as ever.
The band's last studio album arrived with 2013's Hesitation Marks. As we await the follow-up, brush up on the band's back catalogue by reading Exclaim!'s Essential Guide to Nine Inch Nails.