Trends in 2011 We Could Live Without

Trends in 2011 We Could Live Without
7. Vague Beef

Did you know there was a beef between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne this year? How about the verbal shots fired from Ludacris towards Drake and Big Sean? The trouble is, these insults were hidden under crazy-complicated metaphors or deeply confusing references, so in order to crack the code you needed a hip-hop forensic scientist. While it can suck when rappers let their personal issues turn into overblown public fights, if they're going to be trading jabs, they may as well take us along for the ride with gigantic, out-in-the-open statements. No one wants to read between the lines to dig up their beef.

6. Reissuing Everything

Sure, deluxe reissues are the ultimate joy for music fans. After all, who doesn't want an entire CD of outtakes where Brian Wilson is blowing his nose or Iggy Pop is fumbling his lyrics. Having said that, the market is starting to get crazy cluttered with unnecessary reissues. Did all of Pink Floyd's albums really need a re-release? Will indie labels rest before every single good and bad shoegaze band are back on record shelves? What are we supposed to do with the double-CD reissue of the Spin Doctors' Pocket Full of Kryptonite? It's especially bad on Record Store Day, when shelves are packed with pointless reissues of LPs that can be found at your local thrift store.

5. Too Many Reunions

Then again, out-of-the-limelight musicians need to pay the bills somehow, as rehab, gambling addictions and other sorts of first-world problems don't pay for themselves. When artists aren't rolling out the shitty B-sides for their expanded reissues, they're getting over their interpersonal problems or recruiting new members for reunion tours. Did anyone ask for the return of obscure shoegazers Medicine? Even bands we're excited to see back, like Bitch Magnet, Scratch Acid and the Stone Roses, are contributing to an overwhelming sense of content overload. There are enough current bands making the rounds and vying for our dollars. When you add in the possibility of any and every old band coming back, it puts the pinch on our wallets and our schedules.

4. Unclear Breakups

The only thing worse than watching every defunct band get together is seeing your favourite bands maybe disappear without admitting it. Yes, we're talking about the "indefinite hiatus." Imagine if your parents separated forever without ever actually getting a divorce, always leaving a futile lingering feeling that they might one day bury the hatchet and get the family back together. Wolf Parade, Thrice, Thursday and countless others dropped the H-word on their fans, while Sonic Youth have left their future so indefinite that even they don't seem to know what's going on. At least bands like Alexisonfire, C'mon, Inepsy, the Stills and others had the decency to admit they were never coming back.