Trenchmouth More Motion

Isn't it always the way that the coolest, most cutting-edge and courageous bands are always the most misunderstood? Such was definitely the case with Chicago's Trenchmouth who until their break-up in 1998 were making music that wasn't afraid to operate outside any conventional norms of punk or pop or rock. The result was music that defied categorisation and probably confused people as a result. Like some of the great Dischord bands of the ‘80s, they melded garage-punk Gang of Four twang with reggae and world beat percussion into a schizophrenic musical gumbo that was as reviled as it was revered. This compilation gathers material from the band's ten-year career and presents it in an easy to digest format. Certainly not for all tastes, but for those who appreciate originality and creativity in music it's a must-have. As an aside, former drummer Fred Armisen can be seen bashing the skins in a number of Saturday Night Live sketches. (Thick)