Traxman The Mind Of Traxman

TraxmanThe Mind Of Traxman
A style never streamlined for the mainstream, Chicago ghetto house has been known for its raw vocals and higher than normal BPMs. Juke, footwork and ghetto were born as one and are of the same family, to which Traxman's head is well connected. This member of Chicago's Geto DJz and Ghetto Teknitianz crews brings unexpected elements to the blend on this album. He's successful mixing in chill analog aspects and it still sounds track-y. To start, "Footworkin On Air" has an airy, meditative coastal sound amongst the space synths and hi-hats. "Callin All Freaks" brings sparse beats, layers of bass and snare, and soulful vocals, proclaiming the hardcore ("Listen all you motherfuckers"). The Mind of Traxman succeeds in interweaving all types of party music (soul, funk, house), including a track deep in the 303-created acid sound that played a role starting this music ("1988"). While this record is steeped in mature rhythms, the hype tendencies that make the music ghetto are never sacrificed. (Planet Mu)