The Travelling Band

The Big Defreeze

The Travelling BandThe Big Defreeze
Three years after their sophomore album Screaming Is Something, Manchester folk-rock five-piece the Travelling Band are back with The Big Defreeze. Known for their energetic live performances, the Travelling Band are quite adept at making the type of "epic folk" fit for large outdoor crowds and sing-alongs. The Big Defreeze is clearly a stab at making a name for themselves on this side of the pond, one that will most likely pay off come festival season next year.

The music is inoffensive enough to cater to a large audience, while not necessarily trying to break new ground. They've polished their sound and peppered the album with time-tested metaphors in both song titles and lyrics, such as opening track "Passing Ships" and the none-too-subtle "Sticks And Stones." Although the album is unfortunately far from memorable or original, long-time fans will definitely eat this new release up, and the band is sure to pick up a slew of new listeners from fans of other folk-rock bands like the Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons. (Sideways Saloon)
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