Trap Them "Hellionaires"

Trap Them 'Hellionaires'
Vicious U.S. hardcore standouts Trap Them are about to lock you into some more hard-hitting sounds via the release of their impending Crown Feral LP. Ahead of the record's September 23 due date via Prosthetic Records, though, they're smacking you up with a stream of its "Hellionaires."

Delivered with a powerful, damning d-beat, the song strings together various chugging rhythms, sinister screams and minor-key guitar melodies. The pace switches gears mid-track, exiting with a stomped-out mid-tempo mosh groove.

You can check out the new, terror-laced track below. Pre-orders for Crown Feral, the band's first LP since 2014's Blissfucker, can be found here.