Transylvania 500 Rock And Roll Party

In the grand garage tradition of Deja Voodoo, the Mummies, Thee Goblins and Quintron, comes the debut album from one of the wildest rock duos ever, Transylvania 500. With Count Suckula on organ and his younger brother Wolf Boy on drums, these two beer and mayhem craving monsters play minimalist, frenzied, creepy and mainly instrumental rock like the world was going to end any second. The album gets off to a flying start with the aptly titled "Wolfboy's Psychotic Drums" and picks up even more steam with the hilarious cover of Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak," reworked and re-titled "Jailbait." There are lots of cartoon sound effects, samples and between song banter taken from some choice T-500 shows that keeps this party record moving along nicely. Other big highlights include the sci-fi blitz of "Dr. Shock" and a cover of an Electric Rooster song, "Gershatzer." Nothing can match the joy of seeing such live show stunts as Wolfboy playing the drums handcuffed or Count Suckula biting audience members necks while his organ occilates spastically, but this is a pretty damn good home version of the Transylvania 500 experience. (Wee Wanna)