Transistor Transistor Ruined Lives

Transistor Transistor’s Ruined Lives is like a fresh breeze blowing into your bedroom on a hot, stale, humid night. Their audio compression of punk rock rhythms and vocals is crusty, vibrant and upbeat. Their music can easily be described as Refused meets the Bronx, but without the atmospherics and with more zeal than Los Angeles’ anti-emo rockers. The drum work is purely rock’n’roll and the guitars remain in the same area, occasionally wandering over to the more metal-influenced world of angular construction. Transistor Transistor like to keep things fresh and "Pillar Of Salt” does just that by starting off as a bass-heavy mud fest that has a gradual build that brings out the noisy guitars, heavy vocal screams and crashing percussion but avoids becoming boring by adding in a verse to accompany the low-end clamour before finishing the job. Ruined Lives is an album that delivers variations throughout and has all the building blocks to turn some heads and get them banging. (Level Plane)