Transillusion L.I.F.E.

"Message To The World: 'Life is Fast Ending - So Live!'" Those liner notes proved sadly prescient, as James Stinson, one of the two men behind Transillusion, died of a heart condition in September 2002. The duo (the other's identity remains unknown) was also behind Drexciya, the Other People Place, Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus, Japanese Telecom and Shifted Phases. The scope of Stinson's role in any of these projects may never be known for sure but their releases on many different labels always sought to push Detroit techno and electro forward. Many of their tracks were purportedly recorded "live," which often gives them a rough and immediate feel. L.I.F.E. fits in easily with their sound, and is a little less harsh and aggressive than their previous releases, but also more experimental than their electro releases. "Code Blue" would be typical, with high-pitched synth melodies, clattering 808 beats and occasional string stabs. "Bump It" is an odd collection of fast high-hats, a plodding beat, a warbling synth noise and warped children's voices (a version without the voices is also included). "Dirty South Strut" has an almost Neptunes-ish feel to it, with simple beats and odd noises carrying a stuttering melody. While "Jogging on the Moon" is one of the best on this album, with its snare rolls and monotonous kick drum, it certainly reminds me of a spaced-out version of Green Velvet's "Flash." None of these tracks are likely to grab you on their own, but appreciated as an entire album, L.I.F.E. is quite good. (Rephlex)