Trans Am Return with Double-Live LP

Trans Am Return with Double-Live LP
Believe it or not, synth-heavy post-rockers Trans Am will be celebrating their 20-year anniversary as a band come 2010. And while we're hoping that huge milestone will come with a new album and tour, we're currently content with the news that they're looking back on their career with a sprawling live album and DVD.

Chronicling their live output from 1993 through 2008, the live offering, called What Day Is It Tonight?, will be available on Thrill Jockey this winter and, like the label's other releases of late, will skip the CD route. Instead, the album will pack 17 live jams on two vinyl records, with the package including another seven tracks on DVD.

The DVD also includes backstage footage and chats with the band, as well as two entire live sets: one in Chapel Hill, NC way back in 1993 and one in Heidelberg, Germany in 2008.

The whole package is limited to 1,500 copies, so it would be wise to keep your eye on the December 8 release date if you don't want to upset your Christmas.

What Day Is It Tonight? double vinyl:

1. "Conspiracy of the Gods"
2. "Outmoder"
3. "Futureworld"
4. "Shrigley"
5. "Firepoker"
6. "Idea Machine"
7. "Positive People"
8. "First Words"
9. "June"
10. "Tesco v. "Sainsbury's"
11. "Television Eyes"
12. "Slow Response"
13. "Play in the Summer"
14. "Köln"
15. "Don't Bundle Me"
16. "Simulacrum"
17. "City in Flames"

What Day Is It Tonight? DVD:

1. "Extreme Measures"
2. "I Want It All"
3. "Stereo Situation"
4. "Prowler"
5. "Armed Response/Enforcer"
6. "Futureworld"
7. "Play in the Summer"
Full set in Chapel Hill, NC (1993)
Full set in Heidelberg, Germany (2008)