Trance Mission A Day Out Of Time

Trance Mission documents their celebratory live performance on this recording in a Berkeley church on July 25th 1998, the "day out of time" on the Mayan lunar calendar. Their latest and perhaps last incarnation finds didgeridoo player Stephen Kent and clarinettist Beth Custer joined by vocalist Eda Maxym (from Beasts Of Paradise/Rocking Horse People) and drummer Peter Valsamis. Kent's remarkable didg playing grounds the group with its ancient, earthy sound, and his solo piece "Tjilpi II" is an audience favourite. When the group surrounds him with rousing drums, percussion and vocal chants, stirring numbers like "Head Light Part 2" and "Go Play Outside!" really take off. Contrasting with the didg's archaic vibes is Beth Custer's klezmer-style clarinet melodies, which bring a modern, tempered element to their fourth world music. Among the sweaty live tracks is a new studio work, "Curious Wine," which sets words by Emily Dickinson to a backing of funky snares and a Can-ish bass twang. Hopefully this disc is not the last of this marvellous group. (City Of Tribes)